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Pass Key Overview and Benefits
Wendy Collins, Last modified by Wendy Collins January 03 2016 08:23 PM

One of the many ways Learn360 allows you to setup an account is through the use of a pass key link or code.  Pass Keys allow schools to grant access to teachers quickly and effectively. Allowing teachers the ability to register themselves takes less than one minute and removes the burden of establishing accounts from the Administration and Tech teams. We have found it also promotes teachers to set up their own account using information that resonates with them and will be easier to remember. 

Once a school has purchased Learn360, they can share the pass keys with teachers and within minutes those same teachers can be logging in to Learn360 to search all available media resources. 

Pass keys come in two forms:

  1. Pass key code
  2. Pass key link


Pass key code:

The pass key code is composed of two series of numbers.  These numbers help expedite the registration process by telling the system what account and what role the new user should belong to.  To create an account using a pass key code, follow these simple instructions: 

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the Passkey link
  3. Enter your pass key in the space provided
  4. Then click on the "Login" button


Once you click "Login", you will be redirected to the User Registration page. Follow the prompts to setup a new user. 


Pass key link:

The pass key link allows a user to bypass several of the steps listed above and go directly to the registration page. This link is available from your account administrator.



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