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THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: A general overview of the My Favorites section: * Viewing favorites * Organizing favorites * Sorting and filtering favorites * Deleting favorites
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: A general overview of the My Playlists section: * Creating new playlists * Organizing playlists * Sorting and filtering playlists * Deleting playlists
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: Viewing and editing existing playlists from within the My Playlists section. This tutorial also demonstrates how to add a video intro to any existing playlist.
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: How to create a playlist using the Add To option found on the player page and on the search results page.
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: Adding content to favorites using the Add To Favorites advanced tool.
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: Saving searches using the Save Search advanced feature.
THIS TUTORIAL COVERS: The Custom Segment tool allows users to select portions of On Demand titles and create their own custom segments. The custom segments can then be viewed on that title's View Video page, added to a playlist, or embedded into a third p...