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Why Create a My Films Account?
Chris Plapp November 03 2016 03:54 PM

There are many benefits to creating a personal account.  While the core functionality of the site can be used with a generic account, none of the My Films features or preferences listed below will be accessible until an individual user account is created.


User Account Only Features

  • My Preferences
    • My Profile
    • My Account Settings
  • My Films Dashboard
    • My Playlists
    • My Favorites
    • My Folders
    • My Saved Searches
    • My Custom Segments
    • My Assignments
    • My Groups
      • Join a Group
      • Groups in My Account
      • Groups in My Consortia


My Profile

Once a user account has been created, users can access and modify their profile   Users can upload a profile picture, change their name and email address, change their password, and select subjects and grades of interest.  The user profile can be accessed from the top navigation by clicking on My Films or from their My Films dashboard.

My Account Settings

The My Account Settings section allows you to modify individual account preferences.  Many of these settings can be set by an administrator as defaults, and then may be overriden at the individual user level.  In addition to basic settings, you may also determine the active page tools you would like to use and set the display order on the view media pages, and opt in and out of monthly new title emails and newsletters.  Account settings can be accessed from the top navigation by clicking on My Films or from their My Films dashboard.

My Dashboard/My Films

Logged in users will have access to the My Films dashboard where they can view a summary of their available resources and easily access any of these features listed below.

My Playlists

On Demand content can be added to playlists from search results or the media pages.  Options exist to add new playlists directly to folders, or create a new folder at the time you save a new playlist.  The My Playlists section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them.  As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible.  Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exists as well.

My Favorites

On Demand content can be added to favorites from search results or the media pages.  Favorites now supports folder organization as well.  Options exist to add new favorites directly to folders, or create a new folder at the time you save a new favorite.  The My Favorites section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them.  As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible.  Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exists as well.

My Folders

Folders are now universal across the entire My Films section, instead of only being visible to the specific section they were created in.  Every My Films section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them.  As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible.  Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exist inside each section as well.

My Saved Searches

The My Saved Searches section allows anyone with a user account to save their search results.  Basic searches using the top search bar, and compound searches created from within advanced search are all supported.  Like other My sections, searches can be organized into folders.  Saving a search also allows you to add notes about that search that will appear at the top of the search page, when accessed from within My Saved Searches.  Options exist to add new searches directly to folders, or create a new folder at the time you save a new search. The My Saved Search section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them. As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible. Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exists as well.

My Custom Segments

The My Custom Segments section allows anyone who is logged in with a user account to create and save their own custom segments.  Custom segments provide another level of customization, allowing you to create the perfect segment that best meets your needs.  When you create a custom segment, you are creating a virtual segment using in and out points of the video.  These segments do not alter the original video and are not downloadable.  Segments that are created are visible on the segments tab of any video they were originally created from, at the bottom of the segments tab.

My Assignments

The assignment tool is designed to allow the group owner to assign selected content, along with basic instructions, to group members.  Once viewed by a group member, they may turn in the assignment and complete the process.

My Groups

Groups can be created or joined from within the My Films section for any purpose.  Once a group has been created, members can be invited to join the group via email, or by distributing a group code.  All group activity is displayed on the main group page.  Group members can participate in a discussion with each other, view shared folders and complete assignments.



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