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How to Change Default eBook Settings
March 28 2017 10:11 AM

System administrators only can change eBook default settings, such as search defaults, sort defaults, and default viewing format.

To Change Default Settings:

  1. Log in to the eBooks Admin Portal using your administrator credentials:
  2. Click the Account Settings tab.
  3. In the Change Default Settings section of the screen, select your preferred defaults:


    • Number of Search Results: Select the default number of search results to display.
    • Default sort by option: Select the default sort by option for browsing: Title, Author, or Published Date.
    • Default Search Field: Select the default field for searching: Search Full Text or Search Title.
    • Download Option
    • Display Grade Level
    • Display Purchase Type
    • Search By/View Standards Option  

      4. Once you have finished making your selections, click the Submit button in the Change Default Settings section of the screen.

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