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Usage Statistics Overview
June 04 2013 03:06 PM

Infobase eBooks offers usage statistics (or "stats", if you prefer) reports for administrators only. To access these reports, visit and log in using your administrator credentials. The reports can be found under the Usage Statistics tab.

The Usage Statistics page provides a quantitative report of your institution's  eBook activity. Usage statistics are generated for titles after one month of the title being in your account. Before then you will not see any usage statistics for recently added eBooks. Please allow a minimum of four weeks to check for usage statistics of recently purchased eBooks.

Filter Options

The following features provide the ability to customize your usage reports:

  • Select Product - Choose the eBook (or eBooks) you would like to see statistics for. If you'd like to see statistics for all your eBooks, select ALL. To select multiple eBooks in the list, use CTRL+click. 
  • Select IP - If you have multiple IP addresses or locations connected to your account, you can see statistics for a specific IP address by selecting from the list. If you'd like to see statistics from all IP addresses, choose ALL. To select multiple IP addresses in the list, use CTRL+click.
  • Statistics From - This selection allows you to view all statistics or a range of statistics by month. If you'd like to see statistics from all months, select ALL. To see a range of statistics, select RANGE, and then select months by utilizing the START and END dropdown lists. If you'd like to see statistics from one month only, be sure to select the same month in the START and END dropdown lists.

Display Report (COUNTER) or (ICOLC)

Your report will be generated in COUNTER or ICOLC format depending on your selection. Each of these can be exported to Excel or printed for your convenience.


  • Print Report - The Print Report feature allows for the ability to print reports based on the criteria displayed.
  • Export to Excel - The Export to Excel feature allows for reports to be opened or saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 
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