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Sakai eBook Integration Tips
August 23 2013 01:53 PM

Our eBook direct URLs can be added to Sakai using built-in link functionality in the Sakai Editor.

To link to eBooks from Sakai:

  1. In the eBook platform, copy the applicable direct URL to the Clipboard.
  2. In Sakai:
    • In the Sakai Editor, type the text you want to use as your hyperlink, and then select that text.
    • Click the "Insert/Edit Link" button on the Sakai Editor toolbar.
    • Paste the direct URL into the URL field in the Link pop-up.
    • If you would like to specify where the link will open (e.g., in the current window, in a new window), click on the Target tab and make your selection.
    • Click the OK button to insert the link.

Please note: Sakai is a third party web platform and is not maintained nor managed by eBooks. The tips and processes listed here are subject to change at any time. Please defer to the official Sakai documentation in the case of any procedural discrepancy.


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