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Learning Management System Integration Tips
June 04 2013 02:57 PM

There are two ways tointegrate our eBook content into your LMS. Direct URLS, and Chapter Embeds.

The direct URLs provided for every eBook in your collection enable you to integrate  eBook content into your Learning Management System. A Title URL, Chapter URL, or Page URL will provide a perpetual link to a specific eBook.

Direct URLs - General Tips

  • When linking to an  eBook, please be sure to use one of the direct URLs for the eBook (as shown below) and NOT the URL displayed in your web browser's address bar.

    E Books Direct URL Red

    You can access the direct URLs via the left panel inside an eBook. Once you click on Direct URLs on the left panel, you can select the type of direct URL to use: Title, Chapter, or Page.

  • When importing an eBook direct URL into your Learning Management System, try copying the link as plain text as opposed to setting it as a web link.
  • Make sure when copying the eBook direct URL that you do not copy any additional spaces at the end of the URL. Some Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard, can be rigid in how they accept URLs and that extra space could cause an issue. Use the Highlight link below the direct URL to easily highlight the entire link before copying.
  • Be wary that sometimes the "&" in a URL can get displaced when clicking through different text/HTML formats.


Chapter Embeds

To learn more about our new Chapter Embed feature, see this article


Please note: An LMS is a third-party platform and is not maintained nor managed by eBooks. The tips and processes listed here are subject to change at any time. Please defer to your official LMS documentation in the case of any procedural discrepancies.

For additional help, please contact your Learning Management System Technical Support as well.


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