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Why am I being asked to log in?
June 04 2013 12:35 PM

In order to access eBooks, you need to be authenticated. If a link to a title, chapter or page does not properly authenticate, you will be asked to log in. Contact your librarian or system administrator for the username and password credentials for the general login.

Two common reasons for authentication problems with links are:

  1. The wrong link was used to share the eBook.

    One of the most common problems our customers have in accessing eBooks and being authenticated is that the wrong links are used to share eBooks. Always use eBook direct URLs (Title URL, Chapter URL, Page URL) to share eBooks in order to properly authenticate. Any other links (such as links copied directly from the browser address bar) will cause both authentication and linking problems.

  2. The link does not include the necessary proxy information for remote access.

    If your institution uses a proxy server for authentication, the proxy login information needs to be included in the link for remote access. You can manually add your proxy login to links.

If you are integrating eBook links into a learning management system, please also see articles about LMS integration.  Authentication issues are sometimes related to problems with LMS integration.

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