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Basic Search Tips
Heather Gooch November 06 2014 04:28 PM
Basic Search Tips
You can search using keywords or a specific phrase for results, from any page. Capitalization does not matter. Results are returned sorted by relevance (the default).

 Boolean Operators

Boolean operators—AND, OR, NOT—can be added to search terms to refine results. If no operator is added, the AND operator is used automatically.

Enter a search term. Examples:

  1. safety and school
  2. safety or school
  3. safety not school

Results include:

  1. all articles with all of the search terms, safety as well as school
  2. all articles with either of the search terms, safety or school or both
  3. only articles without the excluded search term, articles with safety that do not include school


Phrase Search

Use double quotation marks to define an exact phrase.


  1. "white house"

Results include:

  1. articles with white house together as a phrase but not a story with, for example, the phrases "white supremacist" and "house majority"
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