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How to View Videos
Melissa Gajarsa February 03 2017 04:07 PM

Users can watch an entire video by clicking Play Full Video. Viewers can also navigate to specific points in the video using the predefined segments, the searchable interactive transcripts that display beneath the player, or the player's preview scrubber.


To access specific segments, click the "Video Segments" link, found to the right of the player. A list of segments will appear, allowing the user to skip to any segment and push play. The segment currently being played will be highlighted in the list.





The interactive transcripts indicate the current point in the transcript by highlighting the portion of the text in blue, and will progress in real time. To jump to a different section of the video, simply click on a word within the transcript and the video will jump to that point.





It is also possible to search for specific terms within the transcript using the "Search Video" search box found beneath the player, at the top of transcript window. Enter a keyword and any results will be indicated by white notches in the bar above the search box. Hover over the white notches for a preview of the result in context. Click on the white notches to be taken to that point in the transcript, and the video will advance as well.





Users can also navigate using the preview scrubber. Hovering over the preview scrubber, located directly beneath the video, displays a series of preview stills, allowing users to locate specific points in a video. Clicking on the scrubber will cause the video to jump directly to that point.


Video preview



Additional player controls (play/pause, volume, closed-captioning, and full-screen) are located beneath the player window.


player controls



Additional transcript options, located above the transcript window, allow the user to print the transcript, and turn the transcript auto-scroll on or off.


transcript controls



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