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Folder Overview
Heather Gooch, Last modified by Heather Gooch November 16 2016 02:58 PM

To access your folder, please make sure that you sign in by clicking on the Sign In link that is located on the far right of the header on each page.

Once signed in, click on the Saved Items link which is located next to the Sign In link, this will open up your folder.

Everything that you've ever saved will show by default.  You have the option to filter this page view by using the View drop-down which will list all of the folders that you've created.  The information that is saved to this folder is as follows:

  • Title
  • Saved Date
  • Type
  • Folder Name

You can remove items that you've saved to this folder at any time.  You are able to individually select items or select multiple items at once.

You also have the option to create a new folder from this page.

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