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How to Set Job Preferences
Kristan Halpern, Last modified by Kristan Halpern March 14 2018 12:31 PM

You must be logged in to your individual Vault account in order to set your job preferences. In the My Job Preferences page in myVault, you can enter your contact information, upload a resume, and provide certain job-related information about yourself. Setting job preferences can help you save time in filling out application forms for jobs you apply to through Vault. Job preference information will be used to pre-populate job applications through Vault, but you can change the data before submitting an application. 


To set job preferences:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of "My Vault" on the header bar to display the myVault drop-down menu. (You must be logged in; if you are not logged in, you will not see "My Vault" on the header bar.)
  2. In the myVault drop-down menu, select My Job Preferences.
  3. In the Contact Information section, enter your contact information.
  4. In the Qualification Information section, enter the qualification information.
  5. Under Job Preferences, enter information about the type of job you are interested in.
  6. In the Resume section, you can upload your resume by either uploading an existing resume file or entering your resume text directly into the text box provided.
  7. To upload an existing Resume file (doc, docx, pdf, or rtf format):
    • Click the Choose File button.
    • Select the resume file to upload.
    • Click the Attach Resume button.
  8. To enter your resume text directly:
    • Type or paste your resume text (up to 30,000 characters) into the text box provided.
    • Click the Preview Resume Text button to preview your resume. You can only preview resume text you have entered directly (vs. resume files you have uploaded).
  9. Click the Save button.
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