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How to Download a Guide to Your Device
Kristan Halpern, Last modified by Kristan Halpern September 15 2016 03:51 PM

The best way to download a guide to your device is via the link in the download email you receive when you start the download process (for more information about starting the download process, see How to Download a Guide).


If you can access email from your device:

  1. Open the "Your Title is ready to Download" email from your device.
  2. Click the download link in the email, as this will take you to the Download page.
  3. On the Download page, click the Download eBook button.


If you do not get email on your device:

You can download the guide on your PC/Mac and transfer the guide to your device. For more on this, check your device manufacturer's website for information on how to transfer files to your device.


You will need an EPUB or PDF reader (depending on the eBook format) to read your guide. Note that the Download page specifies the type of reader you will need.





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