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Getting Usage Statistics
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Usage Statistics Summary


Infobase offers customized usage stats reporting for all of our online products. To view any of the usage statistics provided please access your product specific Administrator's Portal Login Page.


Online Databases

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eLearning Modules

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If you would like to see your account's usage statistics and are not the current administrator please contact your institution for the user credentials.




Once logged in to the appropriate Admin Portal, select the usage stats tab to begin using the following available features:


Filter Options


  • Select Product / Subject - You can filter your statistics grouping by selecting the various product or subject options listed here.


  • Select IP - Use this feature to view activity based on IP addresses that have connected to your institution's database, video, or ebook subscription.


  • Statistics From / Select Date Range - This option allows you to customize the timeframe of your usage report.




Display Options


  • ICOLC - When using the Display Report (ICOLC) option, you will be able to get usage statistics compliant with International Coalition of Library Consortia guidelines. ICOLC established the preferred set of practices for providing online database usage reports. Visit for additional information on ICOLC compliance.


  • COUNTER - When using the Display Report (COUNTER) option, you will be able to get usage statistics compliant with COUNTER guidelines. Project COUNTER was initiated to provide cross-vendor consistency on the terminology used and the metrics captured for usage statistics. Visit for more information on COUNTER compliance.


Export Options


  • Print Report - The Print Report feature allows for the ability to print reports based on the criteria displayed.


  • Export to Excel - The Export to Excel feature allows for reports to be opened or saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


  • Email Report - The Email Report button only displays once you have run a report. When you email a report, you are emailing the report that you have last ran.


  • Schedule Report - allows you to schedule report emails to be sent automatically. The scheduled report will have the same report format, product, and IP address selections as the report you last ran, but the date range will depend on the schedule frequency you select:
    • Monthly: Report is emailed at the beginning of the month and includes the prior month's data.
    • Quarterly: Report is emailed every quarter and includes the prior quarter's data.
    • Annually: Report is emailed at the beginning of the year and includes the prior year's data.


Term Definitions


  • Sessions - denotes logons to a database, ebook, or video subscription.


  • Searches - a combination of keyword searches that are entered via our basic and advanced search options. Also includes browse-able searches, which occur whenever a user clicks on any link that generates search results,


Item Requests - indicate pages that have been viewed / accessed.

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