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Infobase SSO Integration
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Currently available for our Streaming Video Platform, you can utilize our dynamic Query String URL technology to create a true Single-Sign On experience for your students and teachers. By passing several key SSO parameters in conjunction with your Account Specific Access URL, users can be logged in automatically to their personal user accounts or have a new user account created for them.



This article will go over all the available options for Query String URL SSO Authentication.



Base URL




Films On Demand


Access Video On Demand


Classroom Video On Demand




Additional Parameters


Required for authentication

wid – School Account ID required to identify the customer

fp – Allows for the bypass of login page (set to fp=2 for SSO)


In order for the authentication portion to work, please contact to enable your account for SSO and to receive you wid.


Optional for Individual User Access

u – Username for direct access to a user’s profile (without this, customer will be logged in with generic account access instead)


Optional for New User Creation

p – a new users requested password (if no password is included, users will receive the account specific generic password)

name – a new user’s full name (name=Joe+Smith)

email – a new user’s email address (If a different email is passed for the same username, the system will update this field to match the new value with a prompt.)

role – a new user’s role type (student or teacher)


Optional for Direct Title Access

xtid – Title ID



Example Query


The above URL would automatically authenticate as Account 123456, and attempt to create the new user “jsmith”. If this user already exists anywhere within your District/Consortia, they will be logged in directly. If the username is not taken elsewhere, it will be created at whichever Account ID was included and with any of the additional parameters you provided.



User Prefix


To ensure your requested usernames are not previously in use, we recommend you provide our Support Team with a unique User Prefix that we can add to every username being created for your Account.


One-Time User Verification for Consortia / District Accounts


-          Any User being logged in for the first time using this new SSO Method will be prompted to select which individual school they belong to.

-          This feature will create/move users to the appropriate sub-account as a one-time identification process.

-          If you would like to avoid the school/location Verification step entirely - Support can preset all of your Users to the "verified" status at your request. All users will remain assigned to their current account, including at the district level.

-          If the user has previously been marked verified, or their specified account ID does not have any sub-accounts, this option will be bypassed automatically.


Alternate Username


The Infobase Single Sign-On (SSO) supports an optional parameter called Alternate Username.  This parameter allows your users to create a new user account, or merge an existing user account they might have, with the user account being passed to the platform via a SSO url you are using.  This is particularly useful when your users sign in to a third party system and do not know the username they have on that system.


To enable alternate username with your SSO urls, simply add "&alt=1" to the end of the SSO urls you are passing. Please see the following Help Article for more information. 



If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at


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