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Admin Portal Overview: Online Databases
Jane Flynn, Last modified by Heather Gooch August 07 2017 02:22 PM

Administrators of database accounts have access to special features for managing their accounts via the Online Products Admin Portal, at The portal offers the following administrative features:


Usage Statistics:

The Usage Statistics page provides a quantitative report of your institution's online database activity. Reports are offered in ICOLC or COUNTER format. Reported data includes Logins, Searches, and Item Requests for active and expired subscriptions and trials. Consortia/District administrators have direct access to usage statistics for all current member institutions. Once a report has been run, the administrator can click the available buttons to: Print Report, Export to Excel, or Email Report. Adminstrators can also select the Schedule a Report option, allowing them to have the report emailed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.


MARC Records:

If MARC Records are available for any of your current online products, they will be available for download. Multiple records exist for each online resource to meet the different needs of schools, public libraries, and academic institutions.


Usage Boosters:

If Search Widgets, Icons, or Alternative Search Widgets are available for any of your current online products, you will see a Usage Boosters tab at the top of all pages. Clicking the Usage Boosters tab will offer access to pages from which you can copy the html code needed to add the Usage Boosters to your institution's web site.  


Account Settings:

This page allows you to request changes to your administration settings, such as the username and password used to access the Admin Portal. Administrators can also use this page to request changes to authentication settings, such as product username and password, or adding IP ranges or referring URLs.


Admin Tools:

If Account Preferences or Content Suppression is available for any of your subscribed databases, you will see an Admin Tools tab at the top of all pages. Clicking the Admin Tools tab will take you to a page that shows which of your subscribed databases offers those features, and allows you to make changes directly from the Admin Portal.


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