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The latest update to Issues & Controversies includes a new feature: "My Preferences." If you are signed into your user account, also known as a folder account, you can now set personal preferences that will apply to the site whenever you are signed in to your user account.


Personal account preferences can be set for:

  1. Default language
  2. Default citation format
  3. Number of search results per page


You can also sign up to have subject-specific Content Update emails sent to your own email address.


For more information, please see How to Set "My Preferences"

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New Issues & Controversies Support Center
Jane Flynn August 05 2014 10:15 AM

We are pleased to introduce the new Issues & Controversies Support Center. Our expanded support content is now available in a searchable Support Center. The support materials now include PDFs, and are easier to access and to share.

Some of the enhancements found in the new support center include:

  • Searchability - Users can now search the support center, via keyword or phrase search.
  • Portability - All text-based articles can now be printed, emailed, saved as PDFs, or shared via Facebook, Twitter, or many other services.
  • Added Formats - PDFs are now included in the support material, and video will be added soon.
  • Accessibility - Users can now access support information via an independent URL that can be accessed anywhere, regardless of whether or not they are logged into the site.

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