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How to Access Court Cases
Jane Flynn, Last modified by Jane Flynn March 02 2018 02:05 PM

Issues & Controversies now features dozens of new, original, stand-alone articles summarizing key court cases on major issues in contemporary society. Most cover Supreme Court decisions, but lower court rulings are included as well. Each article explains the background of the case, the legal issues it raised, the court's decision, and its impact.

Court Cases can be accessed from selected main articles, from basic and advanced search, and from the new landing page linked to under the Resources drop-down.

From Main Articles: On selected main articles, links to relevant Court Cases are available on an article's Court Cases tab.


court case article tab

From Search: Court Cases can be accessed from basic search and from the advanced search page, where users can limit their results to specific subjects. On the search results page, click on the Court Cases tab to access the content. The results can be filtered by time period. 


court case search results

From Resources Drop-down: From the Resources drop down, click Court Cases to access page with links to all of the cases. The cases can be filtered by Issue.


court cases dropdown


court cases landing

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