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How to Access Editorials from NewsEdge
Wendy Collins, Last modified by Jane Flynn September 06 2017 05:00 PM

Editorials from dozens of renowned newspaper sources - including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post - are included in Issues & Controversies. To find editorials about a specific issue, you can navigate to the issue, select an article, and then click on the "Editorials" tab for that article. 



This will perform a real-time search of up-to-date editorials from all of the NewsEdge premium sources, providing users with direct access to related editorial content. 


Users can also perform a basic keyword search, and then click on the "Editorials" tab in their search results to view the NewsEdge content. 



On both the articles and the search results, Editorial results can be filtered by date as well as by source.


To see a complete list of all the premium Editorial sources included in the NewsEdge content feed, click on the "Sources" link at the top of any page then click on the "Editorials" tab.





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