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How to Access Debate Videos
Jane Flynn, Last modified by Jane Flynn October 05 2016 04:01 PM

More than 100 full-length debate videos are now available in Issues & Controversies. (For further information on how to view the videos, please click here.)


A full list of debate videos, grouped by subject, can be accessed by clicking the "Debate Videos" link, found in the Resources dropdown at the top of each page, and in the footer of all pages.



debate dropdown



All subjects are shown by default, but users can filter the list by subject, using the subject list on the right-hand side of the page.



debate dropdown



Debate videos are also available in basic and advanced search. In basic search, debate videos are one of the available article types by which users can filter their search results. In advanced search, users can opt to limit their results to the debate videos.



Debate videos are also available from article pages. If available, the links appear on the Videos tab.



debate dropdown

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