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How to Listen to the Audio Version of a Page
, Last modified by Wendy Collins October 04 2016 05:48 PM
  1. The Read Aloud link is located within the Page Tools for each article. Click on Page Tools to expand the options.
  2. If you do not have QuickTime installed on your computer, clicking this link will prompt you to download QuickTime.
  3. If you already have QuickTime installed on your computer, clicking the Read Aloud link will load the appropriate file and launch the QuickTime player, which will appear below the page tools bar.
  4. Load times will vary depending on the amount of content on the page.
  5. The tools on the QuickTime player allow you to adjust the volume and pause/play the audio file.
  6. To go back or skip ahead, drag the placeholder in the QuickTime progress bar to the desired point in the audio version of the text.


Please note: 64-bit browsers are not compatible with the Read Aloud feature at this time.

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