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How to Access Consortia Statistics
Jane Flynn, Last modified by Heather Gooch August 07 2017 02:23 PM

Consortia/District administrators have direct access to usage statistics for all current member institutions via the web at the Online Products Admin Portal.

  1. Go to: and type in the Consortia/District admin username and password.
  2. Select the Usage Statistics tab. If your account has statistics for both Databases and eLearning Modules, they are presented on separate pages that can be accessed by clicking the Databases or eLearning Modules sub-tabs. Please note that reports will include statistics for products accessed via the Consortia, and also products accessed individually by the member institutions. Products listed may include active, inactive, and trial subscriptions.
  3. Select report format to display (ICOLC or COUNTER).
  4. Reports can be filtered by product(s), institution(s), and time period.
  5. Once a report has been run, the administrator can click the available buttons to: Print Report, Export to Excel, or Email Report.
  6. Adminstrators can also select the Schedule a Report option, allowing them to have the report emailed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  7. Consortia administrators can also access the admin portals of their member institutions by visiting the "Members" tab. Clicking any of the listed member institution names will take the administator directly into the member institution's admin portal.
  8. To return to the Consortia/District account, click the "Return to Consortia/District Account" link found in the upper-right corner of all pages in the member institution's portal.
  9. Please note that the "Return to Consortia/District Account" link only appears when the member account is accessed via the Consortia/District account's "Members" tab.


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