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How to Search By Transcript
August 14 2013 12:39 PM

Users can choose to search by: Segments, Titles, or Transcripts. If they choose to search by Transcripts, the platform will perform a search across all of the full transcripts related to videos in a specific account. Looking at every word in a video provides a powerful "deep search" option for users looking for extremely targeted results to help them locate content that they might otherwise not know is available through a title or even a segment search. 

To use this new search feature, simply select "By Transcript" from the search bar drop-down. 

How to Search By Transcript 1

After that, perform a keyword search as you normally would - just enter a term and click on the "Search" button. Your results will display at the title level, based on relevancy calculations that take into consideration how long the video is and how many times the search term appears in each transcript. Once you click on a title from the results list, you will be taken to that title's View Video page where the Transcript tab will be displayed by default and your search term will be preloaded into the transcript search box, automatically highlighting every instance of that term in the transcript.

How to Search By Transcript 2 

For an example, try searching for the word "bipolar". First, search "By Title" - if you are logged into the info-fod demo account you will get 33 results. Now try the same search "By Transcript" - this will give you 96 results in the demo account. Because the transcript search is searching every world of every transcript, while the title search is only searching the title and it's overview description, the transcript search finds titles that might otherwise be missed. 

This new search option is also available in the Advanced Search section. And individual users can change their default search option to be set to search By Transcripts using the settings in My Preferences, while Admins can opt to change the default search option for their general account in the Admin Portal.


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